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What to Know and Do After You Have Been Attacked by a Dog

If you have been bitten or attacked by a dog, not only are you experiencing significant pain, but you may have grounds for a lawsuit. So many people in Missouri don't realize that they have legal rights and may be able to be compensated for their pain, lost wages, medical bills and more.  But, getting […]

Written by on September 26, 2019

When Should You Sue After a Dog Bite Injury?

Every year, there are a lot of dog bite cases in St. Louis. If you have recently been bitten by a dog, and this is the first time it’s ever happened to you, you may be confused about how you should proceed. We’d like to help by clarifying the situation for you. When is the […]

Written by on August 16, 2018

What to Do If You Are Bitten by a Dog – The First Steps

When the weather is nice, a lot more people in St. Louis are out enjoying it. Unfortunately, that also means that the number of dog bites is also increased. If you have been bitten by a dog, you need to know what to do, and we can help you with that. Try to Determine Who […]

Written by on July 31, 2018