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Things To Know Before Suing For A Slip And Fall Injury

Once you have suffered through a slip and fall, your first thought should be to treat your pain. Once you do that, it’s time to think about your legal rights. You may wonder if you have a case, and if you do, what your next steps should be. We’d like to help you work through […]

Written by on January 22, 2019

Woman Loses Her Water-Caused Slip and Fall Lawsuit Against Walgreens

A slip and fall can happen anywhere, and for any number of reasons. One woman recently lost her case with Walgreens after failing to prove that the store was negligent regarding her accident. During her testimony, she stated that there was water on the floor, which was what caused her to fall. She did admit […]

Written by on June 7, 2018

What to do First After a Slip and Fall Accident

What do you do after you’ve had a slip and fall accident in St. Louis? It’s important for you to know the right steps to take. You may have been seriously injured, even if you’re not in a lot of pain right afterwards. These types of accidents can be expensive, so it’s crucial to do […]

Written by on December 12, 2017

Can You Sue for a Slip and Fall Injury at a Business?

When you’re in a restaurant or a store, sometimes the floors can be very slippery. It can cause anxiety and sometimes injury. What can you do about a slip and fall in a business? Knowing the laws is helpful if you’re ever in this situation A slip and fall lawyer can help you understand them. […]

Written by on December 15, 2015