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Essure Clinical Trial Patient Speaks Out

Essure is a modern birth control device that is considered permanent. It works by inserting a small, metal coil into each fallopian tube. Once insertion is complete, scar tissue is supposed to build around the coils until they are blocked. Essure has been on the market since 2002, and one clinical trial participant has decided […]

Written by on March 17, 2015

Women Take A Stand After Agreeing To Essure Sterilization

Erin Brockovich is taking a stand, along with many women all over the United States, to fight against what they believe to be faulty information they were given about getting the sterilization device, Essure, implanted in their fallopian tubes. Many of these women have suffered from various side effects because of the device, which is supposed […]

Written by on November 21, 2013