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What to Know and Do After a Bicycle/Car Accident

With everyone becoming more conscious of the environment, a lot of people are choosing to ride bicycles rather than driving their cars. But the reality is that while it does make a difference, cyclists are certainly not making themselves safer. In fact, there are a lot of bicycle accidents in Missouri. But strangely enough, there […]

Written by on September 24, 2019

Dust Storms Lowered Visibility and Caused Car Accidents

Dust storms are exceedingly rare in Illinois. However, Illinois State Police are pointing to them as the cause of two fatal wrecks this past May. Though uncommon, the St. Louis car accident attorneys at Hoffman & Gelfman want to make you aware of this threat… Accidents Result From High Winds, Dust and Reduced Visibility Gusting […]

Written by on July 11, 2017

Pedestrian Killed in St Louis Pedestrian Accident

On April 13th, a pedestrian was fatally struck in a hit-and-run accident in north St. Louis. Your St. Louis Pedestrian Accident Attorneys, Hoffman & Gelfman, want to keep you aware of such dangers. The Deadly IncidentOccurring at the 3500 block of Goodfellow Boulevard around 11:48pm, the incident left 60-year-old Harlan Cooks, who resided in the […]

Written by on May 16, 2017

Three-Vehicle Crash Injures 3 People in St. Louis

Most of the time, drivers in St. Louis try to use the utmost in caution when they’re traveling around the streets and highways of the city. They know that an accident can occur at any time, and they also know that our roadways can be very dangerous. A three-way accident occurred in St. Louis recently […]

Written by on March 2, 2017

Driver with Revoked License Responsible for Fatal Crash Near St. Louis

Fatal accidents are tragic, especially when they could have been avoided in the first place. The St. Louis Post-Dispatch recently reported an accident that happened just outside of St. Louis that claimed the lives of three people. The collision occurred in the early afternoon, and the driver who caused it was a forty-eight-year-old man who […]

Written by on January 5, 2017

Head-On Crash Results in Critical Injuries in St. Louis

Head-on crashes are some of the most serious types of car accidents that occur in the St. Louis area. According to an article on the St. Louis Post-Dispatch website, a recent head-on crash resulted in injuries to three people. Fortunately, no one was killed as a result of the collision. The wreck occurred at about […]

Written by on January 3, 2017

One-Car Accident in St. Louis County Kills Driver

Car accidents in St. Louis county are a regular part of the news, and quite often they can be deadly. In a recent article on the St. Louis Post-Dispatch website, the driver of a Dodge Charger was killed after his vehicle left the roadway while making a turn on Missouri Highway 367. The article states […]

Written by on July 28, 2016

Vehicle Crashes into Tractor Trailer Near St. Louis

If you live in St. Louis, you’re probably very familiar with the sight of accidents involving large, commercial trucks along our highways. These accidents happen all the time, and they occur for a variety of reasons. Recently, one accident involving a semi truck and a small vehicle occurred just outside St. Louis on EB I-70 […]

Written by on July 12, 2016

Police Chase Leads to Accident and Arrest

If you’re from St. Louis, seeing a police chase happen probably isn’t something that’s entirely new to you. They’re fairly common in this area, but they can also cause some serious accidents. An article on the St. Louis Post-Dispatch website depicts a recent police chase that ended in an accident, and while there was damage, […]

Written by on March 29, 2016