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General Rules on Deciding Fault for in a Missouri Personal Injury Lawsuit

If you've been injured in an accident, you may be thinking about filing a personal injury lawsuit. While that makes sense, in order to get a settlement or win your case, you need to be able to prove that you were not at fault. This can be confusing, but not to worry. We're here to […]

Written by on May 7, 2019

Questions to Ask Before Hiring a Car Accident Attorney

After you’ve been in a car accident, your mind is usually racing. You’re not sure what to do, and while you may know you need to talk with a lawyer, you aren’t sure how to choose the best one for your situation. We’d like to take this opportunity to offer you some advice on what […]

Written by on October 2, 2018

Accident at Popular Water Park Leads to Spinal Injuries

Summertime is the best time to visit an amusement park; especially when they have waterslides and other water rides. They might be a great way to cool off, but it’s no secret that they can lead to accidents. Woman Injured at Six Flags in St. Louis This happened recently at Six Flags in St. Louis […]

Written by on September 4, 2018

Personal Injury Lawsuits and Actions Explained

How much do you know about personal injury law? If you’re injured in St. Louis, you deserve excellent legal representation. We’d like to take a moment and explain how the process works. What it Means to Have a Personal Injury Case You may have a personal injury case if you’re injured because of the actions […]

Written by on July 12, 2018

Local Amusement Park Settled Three Personal Injury Lawsuits Before Opening This Year

Now that summer is here, we’re sure to see news articles related to amusement park injuries. Recently, Six Flags St. Louis settled three personal injury cases prior to their opening in 2018. Two of the three cases involved the park’s Boomerang roller coaster, and the incidents happened in 2016. The ride got stuck in the […]

Written by on July 10, 2018

The Reality of Personal Injury Lawsuits – They Rarely Go to Trial

It’s very common for people to decide not to file personal injury lawsuits because they’re afraid of the work involved. They may not want to go to trial, or spend the time and energy they’re concerned it might take to get compensated. When you look at it that way, it might seem to be more […]

Written by on June 12, 2018

Woman Loses Her Water-Caused Slip and Fall Lawsuit Against Walgreens

A slip and fall can happen anywhere, and for any number of reasons. One woman recently lost her case with Walgreens after failing to prove that the store was negligent regarding her accident. During her testimony, she stated that there was water on the floor, which was what caused her to fall. She did admit […]

Written by on June 7, 2018

Motorcyclist Sustains Serious Injuries After Accident in St. Louis

Riding weather is still beautiful in St. Louis, and it makes sense to assume that we’ll be seeing motorcyclists on the road for several more weeks, and then whenever it’s warm enough to ride. Motorcycle accidents happen more often during the warm months, and according to an article on the Leader Publications website, a recent […]

Written by on October 6, 2016

Is Planned Parenthood in Missouri Going to Be Cited for Medical Malpractice?

There is no denying the fact that for the past several months all eyes have been on Planned Parenthood clinics all across the United States. However, the State of Missouri recently discovered some information about the state’s Planned Parenthood clinics that was quite alarming. According to an article on the LifeSiteNews.com website, Planned Parenthood has […]

Written by on August 2, 2016