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Duck Boat Victims and Families Seek $10 Million

You may recall earlier in September when we posted about the victims of the duck boat accidents. Losing so many lives was tragic, and one family is now seeking compensation to the tune of $100 million. Seventeen people died that day, and the lawsuit alleges that the company decided that profits were much more important […]

Written by on September 27, 2018

Will the Duck Boat Accident Families Get Compensation?

A law that predates the Civil War should be reexamined. This is especially true when that law is severely impacting people today, and many consider it to be unjust. It’s because of this law that the families of duck boat accident victims cannot be compensated for their losses, and it’s nothing short of wrong. The […]

Written by on September 6, 2018

12-Year-Old Boy Dies After Hit and Run in St. Louis

According to an article on the Fox2Now St. Louis website, a twelve-year-old boy is dead because of a fatal hit and run accident. The boy was walking along a roadway in South St. Louis one night, and a twenty-three-year-old man driving a red Audi with a black hood was speeding down the road. The boy […]

Written by on September 6, 2016