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Defective EpiPens Could Have Put Lives at Risk

EpiPens are life-saving medical devices that contain drugs to counteract allergic reactions. For someone who relies on an EpiPen, having defective medicine inside could be fatal. Unfortunately, Mylan, the company that manufactures the EpiPen recently issued a recall. The recall extends into seven different countries, including the United States. Two EpiPen users claimed that their […]

Written by on April 25, 2017

Seizure Drug Found to be Defective and Causing Increased Seizures

When you’re sick, or when you have a debilitating disease, you rely on the medication your doctor prescribes for you to help you feel better. Seizure disorders are some of the worst conditions to suffer from, and quite often, patients who take seizure medications depend on them just to make it through each day. According […]

Written by on October 18, 2016

Faulty Birth Control Packaging Leads to Class Action Lawsuit

Birth control pills have enough stigma because of the side effects they can cause, but what happens when they’re packaged incorrectly? According to a CBS News article, that’s precisely what happened to a number of women, and as a result more than 100 of them got pregnant. If you’re a woman, you’re undoubtedly familiar with […]

Written by on September 22, 2016

Are Common Heartburn Drugs Causing Kidney Disease?

If you’ve ever had heartburn, then you know how painful and uncomfortable it can be. Like most people, you probably turned to an over-the-counter solution first, and if that didn’t work you went to your doctor to find relief. There are a lot of medications that are being recommended and prescribed to treat heartburn and […]

Written by on July 26, 2016

Drugs from Medaus are Questioned for Sterility – FDA Requests Recall

When you go to the pharmacy to pick up your medication, you have every right to believe that the drugs you’re receiving are sterile. However, in a recent inspection conducted by the FDA, the Medaus facility was found to be unsanitary, leading to the possibility of contaminated drugs. According to an article on the News […]

Written by on June 28, 2016

Women Take A Stand After Agreeing To Essure Sterilization

Erin Brockovich is taking a stand, along with many women all over the United States, to fight against what they believe to be faulty information they were given about getting the sterilization device, Essure, implanted in their fallopian tubes. Many of these women have suffered from various side effects because of the device, which is supposed […]

Written by on November 21, 2013

FDA Issues Warning About Blood Thinner

According to the results of some recent testing in Europe he drug Pradaxa has been shown to possibly be harmful to patients with mechanical heart valves. The FDA has issued a warning that the popular blood thinner should not be used by patients that have been given these types of valves. A recent clinical trial […]

Written by on January 1, 2013

St. Elizabeth’s Hospital Warns Patients of Possible Meningitis Exposure

The St. Louis Post Dispatch recently reported that the company that produced the steroid that has been linked to the meningitis outbreak had supplied another drug used at St. Elizabeth Hospital.  So far there has been only one meningitis case investigated that was caused by a heart injection that this particular drug is used for.  […]

Written by on November 1, 2012

Fungal Meningitis Outbreak Linked to Tainted Steroid Injections

According to the Center for Disease Control and Prevention there have been fifteen deaths due to steroidal injections that all came from the same company. The company, the New England Compounding Center in Framingham, Massachusetts, has recalled all of its products and stopped operations. The steroid, methylprednisolone acetate, was given primarily to people who were […]

Written by on October 23, 2012

Dialysis Drug May Cause Cardiac Arrest

The New York Times has reported that the largest provider of dialysis in the United States, Fresenius Medical Care, is under investigation by the FDA. The operator of one third of the country’s dialysis centers had sent a warning to their physicians that the drug Granuflo may cause cardiac arrest if used improperly. This product […]

Written by on July 17, 2012