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IRS Reports Hundreds of Injuries On The Job Every Year

When you think about locations where injuries are likely to happen, most people think of places like construction sites, factories with heavy machinery, and other such zones where the risk is deemed to be higher. You probably wouldn’t think that there would be a high number of injuries reported each year at a location like […]

Written by on August 30, 2016

What Are Your Rights After Being Injured On The Job?

Even the most careful employee might suffer an injury on the job at some point. These injuries can range from minor to dreadfully debilitating. If you’ve been injured at work, it’s important to know the steps to take to get compensated. A qualified St. Louis workman’s comp attorney will fight for you to get you what you deserve. […]

Written by on February 11, 2014

Shady Employers Don’t Always Encourage Reporting Work Slips And Falls

Most employers want the best for their employees, doing everything by the book. However, not all employers are created equal, and there are some out there who will go to any length to make sure they aren’t filing injury claims properly – even in St. Louis. According to the Mondaq website, an employee who suffered a […]

Written by on December 12, 2013