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6,600 Cases Of Nursing Home Neglect Went Unreported, Here’s What You Should Know

If you have a loved one in a nursing home who has been abused, you're right to assume that the incident has been reported correctly. But unfortunately, cases of elder abuse and neglect are often not reported according to federal requirements. This is a problem that we'd like to dive into a little deeper today.  […]

Written by on December 24, 2019

 When Should You Contact An Attorney For Nursing Home Neglect

Over the years, there have been many cases of nursing home neglect in St. Louis. These situations often leave families feeling concerned, but unsure about how they should proceed. You need to know that your loved one has rights, and there are legal steps you can take. What is a Nursing Home Neglect Lawsuit? Nursing […]

Written by on January 8, 2019

What Constitutes Neglect When Considering a Nursing Home Neglect Lawsuit

Placing your loved one in a nursing home comes with a lot of heartache and pain. All too often, families may notice the staff making decisions that they don’t agree with, and some decisions may even border on neglect. But for someone who isn’t a lawyer, it’s not always easy to tell if that’s what’s […]

Written by on November 22, 2018

Could Nursing Home Abuse be Stopped with New Proposal?

Many cases of nursing home abuse have been piling up over the last few years. This has become such a big problem that a lot of people are scared to place their loved ones for fear of them becoming victims. Consider the story of one man who died because of what his wife is calling […]

Written by on September 13, 2018

What Should You Do When You Find Neglect or Abuse at a Nursing Home?

The abuse or neglect of the elderly is a very big deal in St. Louis, and it’s probably not reported often enough. If you have a loved one in a nursing home, it may shock you when you discover that they’re being abused or neglected. You may feel as though your hands are tied, and […]

Written by on July 19, 2018

What to Do First if Your Parent’s Nursing Home is in the News for Neglect

For thousands of elderly individuals, the possibility of spending the rest of their lives in a nursing home is a reality. Whether it’s a regular nursing home or a veteran’s nursing home, friends, family, and the individual expect exemplary care and treatment. Unfortunately, this is not always the case as any St. Louis nursing home […]

Written by on December 14, 2017

Report Nursing Home Abuse to the Missouri Department of Health and Senior Services

Has a loved one suffered abuse at an area nursing home? The St. Louis nursing home abuse attorneys at Hoffman & Gelfman want you to know the steps to reporting such tragic incidences so that together, with the families of fellow victims, you can prevent future suffering. Steps to Reporting Nursing Home Abuse in Missouri: […]

Written by on October 10, 2017

You Suspect Neglect in Your Parent’s Nursing Home – What Do You Do Next?

Nursing home neglect often goes unreported due to the difficulties of defining and identifying abuse. However the St. Louis nursing home neglect attorneys at Hoffman & Gelfman want you to know there are things you can do to help your loved one: 1. Visit often, noting time-sensitive warning signs.Those with memory loss, communication problems and […]

Written by on September 14, 2017